It should be evident that the philosophy of Turtle Creek is simple yet profound

It is obvious to those who consider it, however it is rarely executed. At Turtle Creek, we believe the first two of these objectives should never be separated, for in congruence, they yield the third. Our philosophy is simple; it is rare. Any alternative is unapologetically unacceptable. As such, we encourage you to welcome our philosophy as your own:

Protect assets, grow wealth, live well.

Financial Services

Our team of experienced and highly credentialed professionals bring a level of knowledge and expertise that provides custom-tailored solutions for even the most challenging situations. Watch the video below to hear from two of our more experienced advisors.

We utilize “Safe Money Strategies” that are grounded in economic reality and are focused around our clients personal economies. Whether our clients goals and concerns are business related, personal or a combination of both, we deploy state of the art resources with maximum efficiency and minimal risk to assist our clients in achieving their goals and peace of mind.

Successful people make a habit of doing what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.
Holly L. Hullum
Private Client Division
The best time to plan is before you have to. If you wait until you have to plan, you are reacting and not planning, and your options are very limited.
Stephen Hull MBA, RFC
Registered Financial Consultant
The success of a financial strategy is often more dependent on its systematic nature than its rate of return.
Kurt G. Poetschke
Private Client Division
All well managed portfolios hold defensive reserves.
Harlan W. Wiese RFC LUTCF CLTC
Private Client Division Brokerage Manager
Our firm philosophy is simple: protect assets, grow wealth & live well.
William E. Watson III
Registered Financial Consultant President General Agent
Compound interest is good, compound taxation is bad.
Registered Financial Consultant Managing Partner - Denton

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